It's the first day of spring! Too bad it still looks like shit outside. It's kind of depressing. It's still really cold where I am currently (the ass end of New Jersey) and the trees are still skeletal and creepy. I wish I was in Tahiti or someplace nice and warm and coconutty.

Yeah, okay, beside the point. Not much interesting happening right now but homework and physics and deep, mind-crushing, school-induced boredom. I did manage to pick up an e-stalker on AIM. Fun times. But it's getting kind of weird. He knows my address and everything. Whatever.

Oh yeah, and I'm in love with Jake Gyllenhaal. He's so cute.

Don't have much time for a longer update because it's Monday and my cruel, cruel homework is beckoning in its evil, Satanic way. I will be assimilated. Buh.

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Just saw Brokeback Mountain. I was trying to hold out against all the hype and the "ZOMG THIS MOVEE TAUGHT ME THE MEANING OF LUV!!!111"-style reviews but that was tough. But honestly, it's amazing. It's sad and pretty and heartbreaking and about gay cowboys. I don't think it's fair to ask for more.

I'm seriously excited about the Oscars this year (never thought I'd write that sentence). It's not really the movies (though Crash, Brokeback Mountain and Munich are great) but the host. I'm madly in love with Jon Stewart. Like serously. I don't care if he bombs; it'll be fun anyway.

In other news, I am slowly perishing under an immovable sea of homework (which, incidentally, I should be doing right now instead of whining about it online). I've signed up for AP Euro, AP Bio, AP English Lang, AP Calc BC and AP French Lang, for junior year. This, because I have a vague death wish and a persistent streak of psychosis. And want to get into Princeton, but that's just a fringe benefit.

Oh and these are the coolest fragrances I've ever seen. Over the top and annoying psuedo-gothic, yeah, but they've got a perfume called Embalming Fluid. How cool is that? (More to the point, who the hell would want to smell like that?)
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It's so weird that Valentine's Day's over. I totally didn't even notice it. I mean, it's not exactly the most noticeable holiday--but usually, with the roses and the obnoxious poetry and pinkification of every drug store within a thousand-mile radius, it's tough to miss. Well, whatever, right?

In other news, Dick Cheney shot a man. It's so cool to be actually typing that. I mean, horrible 'cause the poor guy had a heart attack and everything and is now a national punchline but still. The VP of the fuckin' United States shot a guy in the face. How often does that happen? I really liked the Daily's Show's headline for this: Cheney's Got a Gun. I mean, we've all known for decades that he's the Prince of Darkness and probably sleeps in a coffin but it's pretty amazing to have vindication.

I love my new layout. It's so blue and pink and robot-y. Robots make life better in so many ways.
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Went to Six Flags yesterday. And I totally got over the whole essential theme park irony of paying 25 bucks to stand (no, not sit, you spoiled prick) in line for three hours in the sweltering heat all to experience 30 glorious, stomach-wrenching, you-think-you're-going-to-die-but-you-aren't-really seconds of fear, pain and just negative emotion in general. It's so beautiful.

I is ded. From exhaustion. Still, it was fun. Kingda ka, their new monster coaster (also known as the sound you make when someone hits you in the gut) is supposed to be the largest in the world. 456 feet, baby. Not that I actually went on it. But damn, it looks cool.

Oh and the_hms_stfu got deleted. Shame but it was expected. When you court the wrath of the Good (but somewhat deranged) Ship Harmony that openly, you know you've got it coming. I've taken to trawling through fandom_wank incessantly to make up for the loss. As a result, my soul has died. Still, small price to pay for all of that stupidity.
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Harry Potter and the Exploding Fandom

Here's what I think (broken into easily-digestible and highly nutritious parts):

Ginny and Harry/Ginny (aka "The ship that sailed a thousand deranged letter-writing campaigns"): Ginny was great in the book. Occasionally annoying, fairly bitchy and sometimes her uber-kewlness got a little too much ("Look, Ron's baby sister! Awwww....damn, she's hott! And athletic! And funny! And all the boys like her! And she smells like flowers!") but overall, a pretty solid character. I liked Harry and Ginny's little "thing". It was sweet and fairly enjoyable and it's so damn obvious that they'll get together again next book.

Ron, Hermione and Ron/Hermione (aka "The Green-Eyed Monster...No, Not Harry"): Very cute, very dysfunctional and very, very, very, VERY overdue. If they keep going on like this, I wouldn't be surprised if Hermione spontaneously combusted from sexual repression or just went up to Ron and shagged his face off. On the flip side, I actually liked Hermione in this one. Less the shrill, arrogant, "Shut up, it's good for you!" fiend from OOTP and more an actual teenage girl. Who woulda thought she had it in her shrivelled old-maidish soul?

Malfoy (aka "I do have a soul. No, really."): Both happy and annoyed. Happy, because the weak, spineless, cowardly BUT finally three-dimensional creep is adorable, for Gods' sake (and Harry's obsession made my perverted heart sing). Annoyed because I was wrong. Still good.

Tom Riddle backstory (aka "I AM EVEEEL! Hear me roar."): Meh. Eleven-year old Tom Riddle is really well-portrayed and the Merope stuff was cool.

SNAPE!: HOW COULD YOU?!?!? HOW? WHY? *sobs in a corner* I've read a few good justifications for the...unpardonable thing that occurred in the latter half of HBP but I've still unconvinced. HOW?!?!?

As for fandom. Look around you. You're on livejournal. Unless you're a one-eyed hermit, you'll find enough Harry Potter wank to fuel your hatred of humanity for a whole week! (Pretty damn good deal, if I do say so myself).

Life's good,
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Lions and Chemistry and Harry Potter, Oh My!

But not so much the lions. But I think there's enough chemistry and Harry Potter shoved into the unusually-shaped, porous and occasionally edible thing they call my life to make up for the (totally unfair) lack.

Chem. is a summer class I'm taking due to the fact that I am incredibly, incredibly stupid but not in the predictable way. No, not summer school. Yeah, it's worse. It's something I voluntarily chose to do for...a reason that sounded very logical at the time but which I can't find now because sun rays and covalent bonding are melting. my. brain. It's not that I mind that much. My other option for summer would be watching Boy Meets World reruns, eating Cheetos, slowly inflating to the size of a blimp and occasionally talking to people. Somehow, that is preferable. Summer was not made for chemistry. It's too damn hot.

Harry Potter--God, what is there to say? It's fabulous. I cried my fucking eyes out at the end. In my (biased, smug, pretentious, slightly drunk, "Hey, what was I doing last night?"...oh and humble) opinion, it's the best in the whole damn series, without competition. Seriously. It was absolutely everything that Order of the Phoenix should have been--the pace and the light-heartedness (at parts) of the first three plus some seriously disturbing shit near the end. I'll do a full spoiler-y critique in a little while because that would make me feel better. Oh, yeah and the fandom reaction, which is totally priceless. :D I live on that stuff.

Oh, and I'm fifteen. Well, have been for the last three months. But it's still cool.
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Deeeath: A True Story of Recovery and Hope

I mean, todai, I was lyk in aljebra an i got all bord (cuz u no, the derivashun of the law of sines is not xiting enuff for my free and adventurus sperit) an so i was lyk thinking an i thought mebbe life is pointless. i meen we werk hard an get good grades and wear kewt cloze and makeup (btw, omg!11, i bought this totalli adoraeable skirt, las wk!11) bu wutz the point of it all wen we cud be trampled to death by a rampaging herd of merderus yaks at any moment an dye a slow and untimely deat?//? :( :( i evn rote a pom abt it:

lyfe is hard
lyk cleaning a yard
im full of lard
an in skewl, they make me read the bard.

(potry is hard, mmmmmkay? so don creticize!)

but then i thot abou the awsme hottnezz thet is danyul radcleffe for lyk 2 secnds an...(sorri, i get all teery-eyd ovar this part) lyfe...lyfe was werth liveng agen...

Yeah, besides that, life continues. I eat. I sleep (a lot). I watch Friends reruns and laugh maniacally. Yup, life... :)

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ARRRGH .... ?

Got a 97 on my Algrebra II quiz, which made me run around like a decapitated chicken for a few hours, being unusually affectionate to random strangers. (I might actually get into AP Chem next year. Go me.)

Then I realized I had freshman math team next. And stopped being happy. Math team = soul crush. I don't think I am liking high school. Still, the consolatory 2 billion calorie scoop of Death by Chocolate ice cream I had afterwards, to rebuild my shattered ego sort of made up for it. Maybe 1/4 way. Or a 1/2. Whateva. Also am becoming addicted to blogs. Gawker.com and wonkette.com are hysterically snarky. Andrewsullivan.com is just ... good. Now must return to writing my paper on tactile imagery in A Tale of Two Cities. English rocks my unwashed, plaid, ingeniously slide-proof socks.

Life is good,
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High school progresses in its usual sick way. I need summer. Or even Christmas. Just one day. Just one fucking day to watch Oprah and eat chocolate ice cream and not think about physics or algebra or all that other good stuff--which, come to think of it sounds like how I spent most of my summer. Still.

By the way, high school SUCKS. It is bewilderingly big, filled with large, scary men who need deodorant and teachers who really couldn't give two shits about what they're teaching. And I actually bitched about how bad middle school was (sometimes, I would like to go back and torture my past self in a number of creative and exciting ways). Two months (almost three) and I've learned more about the intricate and beautiful graffiti legacy left on my desk by my peers than about normal force or acceleration or whatever the physics teacher-man keeps on rambling about. On the bright side, only three years and eight months, left, eh? I mean, how hard can that be?

On the flip side, not all my classes suck. French is bearable because neither the teacher nor the kids seem to have any idea what's going on, giving the class a very entertaining atmosphere of well, total anarchy. How do you say dumbass in French? I have no fucking idea because we're not learning anything. Which is fine by me. Government/Economics is okay too but this time cause the teacher's really nice and the class is interesting (you have no idea how much pain it causes me to admit that). Well bye now. I have to continue sulking and being generally, as my saintly brother phrases it: "pubertyish". Always good fun.

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Musings on Wal-Mart

Went to Wal-Mart today. Spent most of my time constructing a list of the few things it does NOT carry. Here it is so far:

Porn mags
Jon Stewart's ROXing new book (this pissed me off, given that my library doesn't have it either so now my only two sources of literary enrichment are cut off).
Sort-of-but-not-really porn mags

What it does have however is TRASH. Lots and lots of trash in all colors, shapes and forms. It's kind of encouraging really. Wal-Mart is the trash melting-pot of America in which every brand of trash comes together, puts aside its differences and merges into one colossal, color-blind heap of trash (of which I am proud to belong to). It's amazing. Did I ever say how much I lurve Wal-Mart? Cause I do.

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